Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A little progress, and then stuck again

It's getting frustrating now! Last night, the water began to drop and so mum and I made about an hour's progress down to the Hope and Anchor pub near Syston. The pub was less than exciting, and so we just had one drink before heading back to the boat to get an early night, in the hope that we might be able to make decent progress with an early start in the morning.

This morning, the water level had dropped at least a few inches, so we moved fairly quickly down to the next lock as soon as it was light enough. We made it on down as far as Cossington lock, but the water indicator here is again far too high to proceed, so we are tied up right next to a rather impressive-looking weir playing the waiting game once more.

Another boat here has been waiting 2 days for the water to drop. Apparently it was 11 inches into the red this morning, and now it is only 8, so I haven't given up hope of moving further today just yet.

All this waiting around is somewhat frustrating - I'm going to really need the weather, tides and lady luck on my side now to have any chance of making it to Sheffield! In fact, I know for a fact that I can't actually get right into Sheffield yet anyway, as the final lock flight of my journey (Tinsley) is still closed due to a broken pump.

It feels good to have moved a little bit this morning, but is very annoying having to sit around when I want to be out cruising

Once again, I have been playing with my camera to pass the time.

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