Saturday, 4 October 2008

Friday night - takeoff!

After leaving Gap and making a brief call at Hillmorton, Nathan and I set sail Northwards.

The cruise to South Kilworth took about an hour, leaving plenty of time to chop firewood and check the route to the pub on the map before darkness fell. The path forked, and all we needed to do was take a left turn along a bridleway...what could possibly have gone wrong?! Personally, I blame my mum, as whilst chatting to her on the phone about the plan for the coming few days, we managed to miss the turning and walk round 2 sides of a triangle. Fortunately the walk was worth it as The White Hart in South Kilworth had locally reared 12oz Ribeye steaks on their specials board and some rather tasty Wythcwood brewery Big Bertha on tap to warm us back up.

The walk back to the boat afterwards was fairly uneventful, as we managed to find the right path and stumble along it in the dark back to the safety of Muddy Waters and build a fire.

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