Friday, 10 October 2008

A little drama, but I'm still alive!

The last couple of days have been eventful! A couple of moorings with no mobile signal and then an electrical fiasco today which resulted in an engineer callout to sort a problem with my alternator meant that I was cut off from the world for a couple of days. OK, slight exaggeration, I have been using my mobile in places but couldn't get on the internet until now.

I just posted a quick update that I wrote yesterday morning, and will add the photos etc as soon as I can-probably tomorrow night.

I have made it onto the tidal part of the Trent, and am currently sat on the safe haven of floating pontoons at Torksey lock, waiting for daylight in the morning to catch the tide up to Keadby. Just praying the electrical drama is now over so that I can start my engine!

Connection time is limited to my laptop battery life right now, and my connection is painfully slow.

Proper update coming ASAP.

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