Friday, 30 May 2008


That's it, the decision is made. The colours are chosen, and the paint is ordered.

After almost a year of deliberation, I have finally decided upon a new colour scheme for Muddy Waters! She will be keeping the same basic design as she has now, but with more panels on the sides, new colours, and some arty funk which I am still in the process of designing. I spent my lunch break with a paint brush, some paint samples and a roll of masking tape, and can at last visualise the end result. Well, almost.

Billy, who is going to be doing the painting, seems remarkably chilled about the whole process. He's doing a sterling job of stripping all the old paint off and smoothing out any lumps and bumps, so I have high hopes that he will be able to turn my ideas into reality now.

Must remember to ask him if I can have the tiller painted in a stripy spiral though - almost forgot about that little request.

Muddy Waters paint job - Day 3 photos

BBG Bathroom refit - Day 3 photos - Sprayfoam!

Muddy Waters paint job - More day 1&2 photos

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Ready....set......go! Day 2

What would you take if you had arrived home from work tonight, to be told that, after tonight, you won't be able to get into your home again for another 3-4 weeks? Oh, and you need to carry anything that you take down/up 2 ladders and then carry it 65 paces in the pouring rain? That's where I found myself this evening, and so I'm now sitting amongst a pile of clothes, bedding, and my Glastonbury gear!

Aside from the moving drama, however, progress on my boat seems to be moving along nicely. Today, the paint (and rust) has been stripped off a lot of the roof, and more windows have been removed.

Work is also coming along nicely on Xav's bathroom replacement on his boat - batons have been fitted to the steel, for the wooden panelling to attach to.

Will upload pics tomorrow - connection is too slow tonight.

Day 1 in the repaint house

At last, it’s all happening. Muddy Waters has now gone into the paint shop, is sitting comfortably, and progress has already begun. All of the windows down her right-hand side have been removed, and I have chosen some shiny new replacements for her. Yesterday evening was spent climbing on/off her to gather essential belongings (clothes, food etc) and moving into my temporary boat-residence.

Despite my best intentions, I have still not chosen the paint colours, and have only managed to make 1 fender in preparation for the completion. Tonight desperately needs to be spent with Photoshop and a colour chart, and possibly a glass of wine. Tommorrow, there will be photographs of the progress to date.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Fire poi.

There was alcohol, a crowd, fire. Yeah baby!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Sea searcher eat your heart out

I want underwater CCTV! In fact, for £80, I might GET underwater CCTV as soon as the paint job is paid for and I have money again.

Life is hard

The last 2 evenings of the current mini-heatwave have been enjoyed sitting by the water, sipping gin, eating BBQ food, and watching the world go by. This morning, I watched cygnets and duckings swim past the boat and lambs skipping in the fields as I was drinking my tea. Now that the sun is shining, this really is the best place in the world to live. I snapped these pics of my latest mooring.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Giant Hogweed

Whilst enjoying a BBQ yesterday evening with Steve and Andy (my current neighbours), Steve spotted some Giant Hogweed growing on the towpath. As far as I know, I have never come across the stuff before but according to Wikipedia it's pretty nasty stuff:

Giant Hogweed is a phototoxic plant. Its sap can cause photodermatitis ie severe skin inflammations when the skin is exposed to sunlight or to UV-rays. Initially the skin colours red and starts itching. Then blisters form as in burns within 48 hours. They form black or purplish scars, which can last several years. Hospitalisation may become necessary. Presence of minute amounts of sap in the eyes, can lead to temporary or even permanent blindness. These reactions are caused by the presence of linear derivatives of furocoumarin in its leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds. These chemicals can get into the nucleus of the epithelial cells, forming a bond with the DNA, causing the cells to die. The brown colour is caused by the production of melanin by furocoumarins. In Germany, where this plant has become a real nuisance, there were about 16,000 victims in 2003.

Giant Hogweed (close-up)Children should be kept away from Giant Hogweed, and protective clothing (including eye protection) should be worn when handling it or digging it. If skin is exposed, the affected area should be washed thoroughly with soap and water and the exposed skin protected from the sun for several days.

I'll try and remember to get a photo of it tonight.

You have been warned, kids!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Summer has arrived!

Just had an absolutely gorgeous long weekend. Cycled miles and miles around Amsterdam with Xav, enjoyed German beer in the sunshine, and partied right through 'til the small wee hours in Sugar Factory.

I arrived back at the boat at around lunchtime to discover that the broody swans who I have seen guarding their eggs recently now have 6 cute little cygnets swimming around with them - bless! With all the doors on the boat wide open, it's still 30 degrees in here so I'm sitting around in my shorts. Bring on the summertime!