Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Ready....set......go! Day 2

What would you take if you had arrived home from work tonight, to be told that, after tonight, you won't be able to get into your home again for another 3-4 weeks? Oh, and you need to carry anything that you take down/up 2 ladders and then carry it 65 paces in the pouring rain? That's where I found myself this evening, and so I'm now sitting amongst a pile of clothes, bedding, and my Glastonbury gear!

Aside from the moving drama, however, progress on my boat seems to be moving along nicely. Today, the paint (and rust) has been stripped off a lot of the roof, and more windows have been removed.

Work is also coming along nicely on Xav's bathroom replacement on his boat - batons have been fitted to the steel, for the wooden panelling to attach to.

Will upload pics tomorrow - connection is too slow tonight.

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