Thursday, 2 October 2008

2 long miles

The journey from Crick to Yelvertoft is relatively short (2 miles) by water. For reasons that escape me now, I decided last night that it made more sense to cycle back from Yelvertoft to Crick by road rather than following the canal. Perhaps I remembered the long, straight road that links the two being shorter than it actually is, but it was a LONG ride back, with the dark fast approaching and time not on my side. It's a good thing I have lights on my bike. Still, 2 more miles chipped off the total - only 156 more to go now!

Last night wasn't an easy one; I also ended up lighting my fire with kindling and BBQ lighter fluid as I had run out of firelighters. On the plus side, I managed to cook a rather tasty-looking lamb stew on top of the fire once it finally got going, and plan to eat it for dinner tonight - yum.

More items to add to the list of stuff I really should own for this mission and don't: Firelighters, bike pump, reflective cycling stuff, anchor, engine oil. stern grease, diesel, coal, lifejackets....

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