Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Only 163 miles to go now

It seems that my readership is expanding! Mum informed me last night that my Grandad has been reading my blog, so I'd better behave myself now. Hello Grandad, if you're reading this.

Last night I continued my mission Northwards through Braunston tunnel, then up to Norton junction on the Leicester section of the Grand Union. I discovered somewhat of a flaw in my temporary-tunnel-light plan - 2.5 million candle power torches make really really good tunnel lights, far brighter than any I have used before....but the battery charge doesn't last long enough to make it the entire way through Braunston tunnel. The last third or so was an experience...and perhaps one not to be repeated. I made it through with a combination of my rather inadequate navigation lights and a wind-up torch, switching the 2.5 million candle power one on every now and again for reassurance. The solution may be to invest in another rechargeable torch, as I prefer it to my old headlight. Anyway, a boater can never have too many torches!

Now that I am on the Leicester line it really feels like the journey has begun. Only about a day and a half's more cruising and I will be in uncharted territory; up until now I haven't explored anywhere North of Foxton.

It's currently miserable and rainy outside, but the BBC forecast looks reasonably promising for later. Well, it predicts that the rain will stop at any rate. I hope it's right so that I can make some progress through the Watford locks this evening.

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