Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The DADDY of all boating missions things have changed a little in my life. I'm still working in Rugby at the moment and living anywhere within a 30-40 minute drive of work, but not for much longer. A new challenge awaits, and is located very close to my sweetheart in Sheffield. Winter is fast approaching, and I am moored 103 locks from where I want to be. With only weekends to move the boat and a hectic social calendar, things are looking tricky to say the least.

According to canalplan, I am 9 days away from my beau. 5 free weekends, assuming that rain, snow, ice and tides are on my side. Or a week off work and a fairly hefty mission. Hmmmm.

Sitting by the fire this evening with the smell of burning wood in the air and a crisp wintry feeling beginning to develop outside reminds me of all that I love about boating. What I would give to leave immediately and begin the epic mission North!

I raise my glass to the mission ahead,


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