Friday, 15 February 2008

Time is flying...and I'm not keeping up - 8/9 Feb

So much has happened since my last blog entry, I barely know where to begin! Last Friday, Chez and Roz came to stay the night and "talk boats" over a couple of drinks, followed by a cruise from Long Itchington to Braunston on the Saturday. The weather was stunning for February, and, after a brief delay setting off due to alternator troubles on Opposite Lock (rather than my hangover), we spent the day travelling through the countryside. Words cannot describe what a fantastic time we had. Helen taught Chez to work the locks, Roz managed to somehow sleep whilst I bumped the wall repeatedly going up the Stockton lock flight, and we even passed a flock of runaway sheep.
We stopped to fill the water and get some lunch at Calcutt boats, and even found the time for a spot of magnet-fishing and chilling on the roof whilst we were there. The solar panel helped to top up the batteries ready for the tunnel light too!
Saturday evening was spent enjoying some long-awaited home made food in The Plough in the centre of Braunston, before Rox and Chez had to head back to London. The rest of us were tired out - I was sleeping like a baby by around 9:30pm.

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