Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Blame it on the weatherman!

Last weekend, I tried to move my boat, but failed dismally due to the gusty winds - after moving about 5 boat lengths I realised that trying to counter-steer in the wind when driving a 57ft sail is something best not attempted unless you really, really have to! I didn't NEED to move anywhere, and had underestimated how cold it was outside, so the decision to stay in Yelvertoft was a relatively easy one to make after the first couple of brushes with the bank. Frustrating, nonetheless - I can happily move my boat in the pouring rain, but strong winds aren't for me.

We had planned to move further North next weekend, but the long range weather forecast is predicting 20mph winds for Saturday. Fingers crossed that it improves as the week goes on, as I'm getting itchy feet now and looking forward to some new scenery again. Not that there's anything wrong with Yelvertoft, it has has lovely pub (the Knightley) and a nice stretch for mooring complete with bins and water point. I even caught myself a new piling hook here whilst fishing with the magnet over the weekend - bonus!

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