Monday, 4 February 2008

Back to the good old days

Mental note to self: Hiking along the towpath with 2 full toilet cassettes (and then emptying them) is not a task to be completed after a night-long party on 2 hours' sleep.

Xav, captain of BBG and party king extraordinaire, returned to the country this weekend to remind himself of the fine life that he used to live on the UK canals. And to remind us how much fun we had when he was here. During his 3-day whistle-stop tour of our fine land he managed to take in a few good traditions including cruising his boat on the Oxford canal in the falling snow, Wetherspoons curry night, Le Merchant and it's fine guest ales, canalside country pubs, hog roast, and getting intoxicated with his friends, singing, dancing, and having a good time into the wee small hours. All that was missing was a nightclub, really!

Photographic reminder of the good times:

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