Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Loving the simple life

The last few days have reminded me exactly why I love living aboard. It's icy outside, but I'm wandering around the boat in a vest top, cooking risotto for dinner on the stove top, listening to chilled out tunes on the boat and remembering that I own this place - no longer do I pay rent or have any responsibility to anyone. Life's sweet, really. There's something so homely about cooking on the stove too, stews simmered on top and jacket spuds cooked in the fire taste just magical.

Boat safety certificate now in hand and licence application form completed, it feels like the end is in sight. There are still a few more jobs for the boat yard to finish off (new bilge pump, new steel doors) but I can't see it taking longer than a few more weeks now. I'm thinking of crusing down to Northampton to visit my old housemates when I depart from Hillmorton - it would be nice to visit the old house by boat, maybe even stay around there for a couple of weeks and check out the area from the water.

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