Monday, 3 December 2007


Tonight is the very first time since I bought my boat that it has been genuinely cold on board. I mean, there have been occasions where it has been a bit on the chilly side before, but not like tonight. I was away visiting friends and partying all weekend, which means that my fire was unlit from Friday until I returned this (Monday) evening. The thermometer was reading 6.4 degrees, and I could see my own breath in the air. Inside. I built a big fire, and tucked into my dinner in the hope that the place would start to warm up...but that was an hour ago now, the fire is doing well, but it's still only 8.5 degrees. It takes longer than I remember to warm this place up! Common sense tells me that hot chocolate would be a good idea, but the duvet is warm and I'm lazy. Common sense also tells me that next time I'm away for the weekend, I should stop by the boat to build the fire before work. Hmm...hindsight... 20/20 vision. Oh well, live and learn.

Guess I will probably be asleep before it gets warm now - the weekend's mayhem is taking it's toll.

On the positive side, the boat passed the safety certificate last week, so I'm just waiting for the paperwork now at last. Looks like I may be able to set sail this side of Christmas afterall.

This week's shopping list: Hot water bottle

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