Friday, 21 December 2007

Jonno's work party

Last night, Jonno, Helen, the barmen from their wedding, Anne, Toby and myself went out for a wild night in Wetherspoons, eating microwaved curry in the name of Jonno's work Christmas 'do (he's self-employed, and going out for a curry alone wouldn't have been much fun...) The boys and Anne were drinking, but Helen and I had to drive so enjoyed the non-alcoholic beers and cocktails. Rebels! As Jonno only has one Christmas party a year, he decided to push the boat out and had not one but TWO curries - extravagance!

Amongst such thrilling conversation topics as barge nuts, nativity plays, drained canals, ice, cars and topless boat-waitresses we managed to enjoy a nice evening in the pub to catch up before Christmas.

Upon returning to my boat, Anne and I wrapped my entire family's Christmas presents.

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