Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A string of bad luck

My life for the last few days (weeks, now?) seems to have been a string of bad luck, punctuated by more bad luck as soon as I thought things couldn't get much worse.

The drama with my boat engine is still ongoing - my brother has had the head on the engine reconditioned, replaced the head gasket, given it a full service (oil, filters, the works) but it STILL won't start. I haven't given up just yet, but the bill is getting ridiculous now. Still got a few ideas to try, but it's really frustrating now. I have been offered a tow to my new mooring by a couple of local friendly boaters, but that's little consolation at the moment.

One of the joins in a freshwater pipe on the boat burst in the cold too, but The Boy once again came to my rescue and fixed that one.

As if all the boat-related drama wasn't enough to contend with, the alternator on my car died on Friday resulting in all my electrics dying and a breakdown on the M62. Of course, this happened at the worst possible moment - in the middle of a hail storm, at the peak of the M62 whilst it was blowing a gale. The result? Standing behind the safety barrier for an hour, shivering uncontrollably and soaked to the skin waiting for Green Flag recovery whilst they played "Rescue Me" as their hold music down the phone at me on constant repeat. Argh! Full credit to the traffic safety officers (aka rent-a-cops) though - they turned up and let me sit in their car to get warm for a bit until they had to go to an emergency. They left me waiting in the storm for the recovery folks, but gave me space blankets to keep warm at least.

Add to that lot stress with buses to/from work being cancelled as a result of the snow this week, and you have one unhappy girl-not-on-the-water-right-now!

I keep saying it, but things really can only get better now. If bad luck comes in threes, I must have had at least 2 sets by now.

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