Tuesday, 22 April 2008

To the top!

Next month, I am completing the Irish 3-peaks challenge with a team from work, for charity. This means that I am going to climb the 3 highest mountains in Ireland in under 24 hours. Which means I need to get my lazy butt to the gym between now and then, or take up running along the towpaths. Ideally both.

I've made myself lots of promises, including gym visits and not eating junk food any more, and just stumbled along quite a cool tool - an "online pedometer" where you can check how far you've walked/run. Works on roads, canals, fields, paths....everywhere, as far as I can tell. Check it out: Gmap Pedometer. Now I know how to check my progress, I just need to MAKE some progress!

Being as I failed on the second training mission to Cadair Idris in Wales (poorly muscles in my knee), I really do need to get some serious training in very soon.

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