Thursday, 10 April 2008

Becky's smokey bacon and paprika risotto

Discovered this by accident whilst trying to use up bacon and peppers, but it turned out alright so I cooked it for Jonno and Helen last night. No exact quantities, it just tastes good.

Couple of packs of smokey bacon
2 red/yellow peppers
Smoked paprika
Risotto rice

Chop bacon into bits, cook in big pan with onion and garlic. Add roughly chopped peppers and mushrooms, cook some more. Add risotto rice, paprika and chilli to taste, plus a bit of boiling water. Keep adding water / stirring occasionally until rice is cooked. Add more paprika, or some black peppper. Eat.
I think this would work well with cherry tomatoes added at the last minute, but haven't tried that yet as I forgot to put them in yesterday.

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