Friday, 18 January 2008

Catalogue of error

Since my last post a couple of hours ago, things have started to go wrong for me.

I popped back to the boat at lunch time to build my fire so that the boat is toasty warm when Mum and Dad arrive later, and discovered that my bilge pump is no longer working, as it has become entangled around the running gear and the wires have ripped away from it. Bit of a silly thing to have let happen, but not THAT big a deal - shouldn't take more than a few minutes to replace the bilge pump tomorrow morning before we set sail, right? Wrong. So wrong.

Whilst messing around in the engine bay with the bilge pump, I also managed to somehow lock myself out! The latch on the door seems to be jammed or something, so now I can't get back inside without breaking in.... and Mum announced at lunch time that they may now arrive earlier than originally anticipated this evening too.

Fortunately, Dave from the boat yard was around and is able to take a look at both of these things for me this afternoon whilst it's light and dry outside.

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