Friday, 23 November 2007

Girl not on the water yet :(

Hmmm maybe I should rename my blog "Girl in the boat yard"?

All the work was complete for my Boat Safety certificate yesterday, I went to run my engine so that I could dry my hair before popping out for a curry with J+H, and it overheated! Typical. I waited 4 months for all the work to be finished, and then as soon as the open water was finally in sight it was stolen from under my nose. Even worse, I couldn't dry my hair before going out. Looks like more time in the boat yard for me - hopefully not too much longer. I just want to get out onto the towpath like a "real" boater now.

I am annoyed, as I was looking forward to cruising the boat to Newbold this weekend and enjoying finally meeting up with J+H, the change of scenery, pubs within walking distance, and superior T-mobile reception for my internet connection.

On the bright side, it's only 32 days 'til Christmas :) Hopefully I will have at least made it out of Rugby by then...

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